Elevation Burger

Probably one of my favorite, if not my favorite burger joints to date.

Now, I am only talking about places that are not fast food, but on the same level as fast food (kind of) like Elevation Burger, Five Guys, etc.  So, in that category of burger joints, Elevation is number one (for now).

I really love the option of being able to choose whatever topping you want, as well as however many toppings you want for no extra cost.  With this being said, the burgers are a little bit more expensive than your average burger at McDonald’s, but the quality is superb and they truly are mouth watering.

You’re only paying around $5 anyway, so I don’t think you’ll be breaking your bank too much.

Today, on the menu is an Elevation Burger (double patty) with pickles, elevation sauce and jalapenos (great combo) as well as an order of fries (my favorite, simply because they fry the fries in olive oil).

Unfortunately I took the photos with my BlackBerry, since I didn’t have my DSLR with me.  I think you’ll be able to enjoy looking at the two photos though.

I will be uploading high quality pictures of Elevation Burger’s soon.

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At The Shack!

Shake Shack that is.

I am kind of a regular here, along with my family.

Almost every weekend (and a few weekdays here and there), we are at the Shake Shack on 366 Columbus Ave in the greatest city in the world, New York.

On my plate (well actually in the little plastic bag) we have the ‘Shack Burger’ and like always, no cheese.  Complimenting the burger, there is the infamous ‘shack sauce’, lettuce and tomatoes.

I didn’t get fries this time, but instead of a water I got a lemonade, although that’s really not important.  I am now regretting not ordering fries, and at least another burger or two (I wasn’t full after my two burgers).

Enjoy the photos as much as you can, unfortunately I took them with my BlackBerry, so the quality isn’t that great, but you can see the things that count.

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Five Guy’s, Two Burgers

Five Guy’s was the first franchise that got me into similar burger franchise’s which include Elevation Burger, Shake Shack and Johnny Rocket’s.  So, thanks to Five Guy’s I have discovered my new found love for really delicious, and juicy hamburgers.

On the menu today, we have two hamburgers, fries and a AriZona Arnold Palmer Lite (half iced tea, half lemonade).

On one hamburger we have grilled onions and mushrooms.  On the other, we have pickles and jalapenos.  No sauce on either, just the juice from the burger that soaks into the buns which makes the experience even better.

Yes, it is an experience when you eat these burgers.  That’s how good they are.

There fries are great, very salty though, but I don’t mind.  They aren’t as good as Elevation Burger’s though, but that’s probably because Elevation Burger (E Burger, which is what I now call it) uses olive oil rather than canola oil or whatever oil Five Guy’s and the rest (of the burger joints) use.

Photos of my meal are below.  Enjoy!

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Chicken Joe’s, The Chicken Pro’s

If you live in or near New Rochelle and your either of the following, high school or college student, you have been to Chicken Joe’s at least once.  If you haven’t, you’re probably allergic to the sun and never leave your house, or something along those lines.

Chicken Joe’s is located on North Ave. right next to New Rochelle High School and Iona College.

They are known for one main item, chicken.

Whenever I order from Joe’s, the only item I have ever gotten is the “Godfather Special,” which is one pound of nuggets, fries, and a can of soda for only $10 (which is a steal).  For only $10 you eat a delicious meal, and your full once you’re done (if you can even finish everything).

If you’re not in the mood for a pound of hand-cut chicken nuggets and fries, check out Joe’s menu.  They have so many selections and varieties to choose from.

Now, Chicken Joe’s does have other locations, which are all located in Connecticut, but the only Joe’s location in New York is right in New Rochelle.

I believe they flavor their hand-cut nuggets and fries with paprika, as you can see in the photos below, which adds a little spicy excitement for your taste buds.  Don’t worry though, because if you’re not a fan of paprika, you can ask them not to put it on.  Also, if Ramon, the guy behind the counter taking the orders asks you if you want “crack,” don’t get it confused with the drug.  He’s just simply asking whether or not you want the paprika, or whatever their seasoning is.

You also get a few side sauces as well.  How many you get depends on what you order.  For the “Godfather Special” you receive four side sauces, and you decide what you want.  Your choices are either BBQ sauce, honey mustard, ketchup and hot sauce.

On my table today, I have the “Godfather Special” with two sides of BBQ sauce and two sides of honey mustard.

I hope you enjoy the photos, because I really enjoyed the food.  (Note: I already started to eat before I took these photos, the bag is less than half full).

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Who’s Hungry For Some Hot Dogs?

I know I am.

On the menu today are four hot dogs from none other than the famous, Walter’s Hot Dog Stand in Mamaroneck, NY.

I am not a huge fan of hot dogs, but Walter’s are on a different level.  In a positive and delicious way that is.  They are different in the way that they cook and prepare their dogs, which no other place that I know of does.

As quoted from Serious Eats, Walter’s hot dogs are “made of pork, beef, and veal, it’s grilled, split open, brushed with a buttery sauce, and grilled again split side down—maximizing the heat-to-meat action, leaving each dog with plenty of golden brown crust.

What other place do you know that their hot dogs are not only made of pork, beef, and veal, but are “brushed with a buttery sauce“?  That is where the “being different” comes in.

What we also have on the menu today are another famous treat from Walter’s.  Sweet spuds, that is.

Sweet spuds are sweet potatoes, fried to perfection.  I am not sure how exactly Walter’s makes their spuds, but the only way I can describe them are as if the outside is a little crispy, similar to fries, but the inside is melted and very hot!

They go great with the hot dogs, and are a favorable upgrade from your traditional fries.

Their prices are great to.  All you need is about $10-$12 and you’ll be able to get enough food to fill yourself up.

Click on the images below, to see full size photos of Walter’s hot dogs as well as their menu.



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Hamburger Wars

Shake Shack vs. Elevation Burger vs. Five Guys

Which place seizes your favorite burger?

It’s a tough question.

Let’s break it down though.

Shake Shack has the best original sauce, hands down.  With Elevation Burger coming in second, and Five Guys in third.

Elevation Burger has the best burger patty, along with the best root beer from anywhere (besides these three places).  I believe it’s called Wild Bill’s root beer, made with pure cane sugar which gives it such an amazing taste.

Five Guys has the best mushrooms and caramelized onions.  Plus, their signature is of course…the peanuts, which happen to be delicious.  Just don’t get full on them before you eat your meat!

Alright, now let’s rule out a winner.

I am going to eliminate Five Guys, because their burgers are good, but they aren’t as good as the other two contestants.

Shake Shack.  I mean they have the best sauce, but do they have the best burger? …. Not so much, in my opinion.

Elevation Burger has great sauce, not as good as the Shack, but it comes very close.  Elevation Burger has this hot pepper relish, which is to die for, along with their caramelized onions, and of course.  Their french fries, fried in the best possible oil you could ever fry something in.  Olive oil!  The burger is so juicy, and tastes amazing even without any of the toppings.

So for now, the winner is Elevation Burger.  (I am saying “for now” because you never know, maybe one of the other burger joints will someday be better than Elevation.  I guess you’ll have to wait and see).

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New Burger Blogger In Town!

Are you ready?  I know I am.

For the past few weeks, I have been on a burger kick.  Literally, I have been going to every burger place I can.  That list includes Shake Shack, Five Guys, Elevation Burger, Piper’s Kilt, and more.

This is just the beginning though.  I will be doing reviews on each place, and I will be exploring new burger joints as well.

One thing you should know about me though.  I don’t like cheese!  American cheese, and all the types of cheese you put on hamburgers, well, they just don’t sit right with my stomach.  I do enjoy some cheeses, but none that you can place on a burger (that would tase good anyway).

So, you won’t see me putting on any cheese on any of the burgers that I order.  You will however, see me put on every other topping they have, in different variations, every other time I visit that burger joint.

Stay tuned and stay hungry, because after my reviews, and the high quality pics you see of the burgers I eat, you will be drooling at the mouth.

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